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Next Bull Sale: Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 — Burwell, NE

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At Mike Sitz Angus Ranch, our belief is that the Angus Cow holds no comparison. Cattle breeding should be a simple endeavor, but keeping it simple is getting more complex. Finding an Angus bull with soundness, sustainability, and the numbers to match, is straightforward at the Mike Sitz Angus Ranch.

How we work for you:

  • Consistent Cowlines: With over 90 years of continuous cow families that are built on a solid foundation and not fads, you can reap the benefits of desirable traits. (See 843-816-1041 for examples of cows in our herd.)
  • Only 2-Year-Old Bulls Sell: Only the top bulls enter the ring on sale day. The bulls are grown on a high roughage diet, run on open summer range, and finish on winter range supplemented with a high roughage ration. (See more information on bull management Here.)
  • No Pampering: Our cows must produce on native Sandhills range, with only prairie hay and protein to supplement in the winter. The calves never receive creep or supplements, and at weaning they are fed high roughage rations.

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